Our History

In 1983, Advance Pharmacy was established by the late Ralph Evers in its current location.  It has been a thriving business for 30 plus years, and continues today. 

Times certainly have changed over these 30 years. The computer replaced the typewriter. Insurance claims have gone from having to be completed after hours at the kitchen table to being processed electronically at the time of service. The pharmacy has gone from having 2-3 employees to having 6-7, and the number of customers served has more than doubled.  Technicians have to be licensed by the State of Missouri now as well.  All of our technicians are local people that have been here for at least 5 years, and several employees have worked here many more than that.

In February 2009, Bruce and Sarah Dovin purchased Advance Pharmacy from the late Ralph Evers.  Bruce and Sarah both graduated from St Louis College of Pharmacy in 1994, live in Jackson, MO and have two children, Catie and Camille. 

Bruce and Sarah run the pharmacy together as co-owners.  They work together on occasion, or take turns working so that one of them can be home with their children.  Being able to work out a schedule that fits both family and business is a huge bonus. Owning the pharmacy has been a rewarding experience.  The Advance Community welcomed us graciously and continues to support our business today.

Although change has occurred, the underlying purpose of the pharmacy remains: to help the people of the Advance community.

Self-Service Photo Kiosk
Take those digital memories and create lasting prints using our kiosk! It’s easy to use, and after only a few minutes in our store, you will have professional prints, ready for framing! We’re ready to help, should you need it!
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Blood Pressure Check
Our self-service blood pressure machine gives you an easy and convenient way to accurately monitor your blood pressure.
Check your blood pressure in our store at no cost to you today!

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MedHereToday is a medication adherence program that is free and will help you get your refills on time, keep your medication filled and increase your adherence, therefore improving your quality of life.

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