Do you find yourself forgetting to take your medications? Or have you had a moment where you can't recall if you took "today's pill" or not already? MedHere today will help get you on track!


What is MedHere Today? MedHere Today is a comprehensive Medication Adherence program designed for patients taking maintenance medications. It will improve your adherence, and help keep you on the path to good health maintenance. Our patients who are on the program remain on their medications and take them correctly.

If you have increased adherence, you will have more positive health outcomes and therefore, less trips to the doctor or hospital. Less trips to the doc means less money out of your pocket, so not only will you be improving your health and lifestyle, but you'll be saving money, too!

So, how does it work? Advance Pharmacy monitors your profile and we review them every week. By monitoring your profile, we can decrease medication duplication (accidentally taking an extra pill) and decrease interactions by making sure your meds work together.

We will make sure you don't run out of your prescription by monitoring your refill times, and when that time comes, we'll have your refill ready to go!

Best of all, the MedHere Today Medication Adherence program is a FREE service to all patients. There is no reason why you shouldn't let us help you be the best patient you can! Contact us or give us a call today for more information on how Advance Pharmacy can help you stay healthy!